My Poem Reflection

March 24, 2008

           The poem is about a dream that a person is having. It tells about the mysteries in his life and it brought him happiness. He was having pleasure from something so little while the whole world was trying to escape being scolded at. I really liked this poem because it touched my heart and made me feel happy after reading it. It also flows really well and is easy to read and understand. I really like how Edgar Allen Poe uses his rhyme schemes. It uses rhyme and rhyme scheme. It also used imagery. It makes it sound nice and makes it more vivid. I really like the line: “That holy dream- that holy dream,” because it tells me that he likes the dream so much that he worships it and calls it holy.

If you want to see the poem click here. 


The Mysteries of Artemis Fowl are Revealed

February 11, 2008


         The book I read was called Artemis Fowl. The author of this book is Eoin Colfer. This book is about a boy named Artemis Fowl, who is very smart, and he is trying to get rich by kidnapping a fairy and wanting money in exchange for freeing the fairy. He gets the holy book of the fairy kind and uses it to learn the powers of the fairies and how to not get trapped in of their traps. He used awesome tactics and immense intelligence to solve the mysteries behind the fairies and to get the 15 million dollars they got in the end. I was most surprised about the fact that Artemis Fowl was only 12 years old and he used all that intelligence. Now that’s smart. I feel that the book is really cool because it has suspense and comedy. It is also really cool because it has really cool and new gadgets used in the book because it is in a new century. I think that people who like adventure and suspense would enjoy this book. I give this book 5 out of 5 as a rating.

Johnny Tremain Movie Compare and Contrast Response

January 8, 2008

Johnny Tremain Movie Compare and Contrast Response

                      One similarity between the movie and the book is that, in both stories the Boston Tea Party is present. Another similarity is that Rab goes to Lexington to fight. Another similarity is that Cilla comes to court and tells her tale of Johnny showing her his cup. The last similarity I can think of is when Johnny meets Rab and eats cheese and bread.          One difference between them is that in the book Johnny doesn’t go to fight with Rab, unlike the movie. Another difference is that Issanah, Dove, and Dusty haven’t been shown in the film. Another difference is that Rab is supposed to buy his gun from a farmer and get caught. Another thing is that when he goes to Mr. Lyte with his cup after the whole court incident, Johnny was supposed to go to him to sell his cup, not as an invitation by Mr. Lyte. Another difference is that he is supposed to make friends with a British general called Lieutenant Stranger and he was supposed to sell Goblin to this other general.

I Am Poem

January 2, 2008

I Am Poem 

I am an Englishman and a Patriot

I wonder if we will ever gain our independence

I hear the sound of clumping army boots

I see a long war ahead of us

I want to be independent

I am an Englishman and a Patriot

I enjoy being involved in seditious activities

I feel that I and Cilla would make a good couple

I believe that independence should be served to us on a golden platter

I worry that many people will lose their lives

I cry because of my mother

I am an Englishman and a Patriot

I understand that there will be a war

I say independence is necessary

I dream about Cilla

I try to help the Patriots and their cause

I hope we all get independence

I am an Englishman and a Patriot

My Dream Vacation

January 2, 2008

My Dream Vacation 

            My dream vacation would be situated in the U.S. After I get their, the first thing I would do is tell the taxi driver to take me to the nearest music store. After I get there I would shop until I drop. It was also a dream of mine to drive an automatic car, so I would take my uncle’s car and secretly drive around. He would first teach me of course. Then I would go to Toys R Us and buy what my bro wanted. Then I would go to Best Buy and buy a PS3. That would be my awesome vacation. I might be broke after it, but I would still enjoy it.

            My actual vacation was situated in South Africa. What I did was first go to Sun City, a city 2 hours from Johannesburg. There we went to Pilanesberg National Park and saw lions, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, and bison. Then we followed a few cars that were going a different direction than the park. We ended up in an area which had many lodges and shale’s. We already checked into a hotel, but we didn’t like the hotel. Because we didn’t like the other, we checked in at this place. We liked the room a lot.

Then we went to the lion park and saw lions all caged up. We even heard one roar. Then we went back to Johannesburg and flew to Cape Town. There we went to Table Mountain which is a mountain that looks like a table; we also went to the Cape of Good Hope which is where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet; we mainly were at the Waterfront, or the main part of Cape Town. We bought CDs, souvenirs, did bungee jumping, and went on a boat ride. We also visited an aquarium there. It was awesome.           

Hero or Zero?

November 17, 2007

The question is simple. Should George Washington be considered a hero or a zero? The answer is as simple. Obviously he should be considered a hero. What he did to become a hero was bring independence to America. You already know that the British have tried to conquer many places one of them being the U.S. The British founded Virginia, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia, Delaware, and Connecticut, formally known as the original 13 colonies. The British took control of these colonies and kept them under their rule. They also tortured, not physically but they did. The way they tortured the colonists is by putting taxes on items that were in demand such as tea and sugar. They also stole some of the colonists’ mandatory rights. This angered the colonists. They rioted, protested, and boycotted, or stopped buying British goods. What mainly led to the fighting and wars was the Boston Massacre. This was an event that looks like afterwards; hurt the British more than it did the colonists. One day a British soldier got into a fight with a colonist. Other colonists surrounded the soldier, throwing snowballs and shouting insults. After that a group of British soldiers came and shot into the crowd of colonists and several colonists died. This was called the Boston Massacre. After that the colonists got mad and did something that hurt the British in their wallet. The colonists dressed up as American Indians and boarded three ships full of tea. They dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor and changed back into their normal selves before anyone caught them. The thing was that the British didn’t do anything that night to stop the colonists. After the Boston Tea Party as they called it, the British came back with the intolerable acts. These acts were intolerable and the colonists had to come up with something to stop them. The colonists arranged a continental army and made George Washington general. They had minutemen who were army people who were ready to fight on a minutes notice. They were ready to fight. They gained their independence eventually owing a lot but not all of the credit to George Washington. Many famous names such as Samuel Adams and John Paul Jones also helped. This is why Washington is a hero.

November 17, 2007

“The American Revolution”

Advice Column

October 30, 2007

Dear Abbey,

I am a silversmith. I was melting my silver when I noticed that the silver was spilling all over the annealing furnace. I stuck my hand in and took out the crucible in which I put the silver in. After that I fell and looked down at my hand and saw something very disturbing. I saw that my hand was glittered in molten silver! I couldn’t feel the pain at first but when I got to having a bandage, it started to sting. The day was to open the bandage and see the actual damage, I was very worried. I saw that my hand kind of turned in on itself. I knew from the moment I glimpsed my hand, I couldn’t do silversmith work anymore. A few days after that I was out in the yard, not doing any silversmith work because I couldn’t do anything with my hand anymore. My master called me in and told me that he couldn’t teach a cripple – handed person to be a silversmith. He told me he would keep me but he told me to find another job, one that won’t have any trouble with a cripple handed person. He told me to do the job until my hand was better again. Can you give me some advice on how I should get on with my life after that? Thanks for listening.


Johnny Tremain                         

Dear Johnny,

What I think you should do is to work wherever you can find a job that will except you and work until your hand cures up. Then you can go back to your master after your hand is full healed and you can lead a normal life after that. I really appreciate that you came to me for advice.

With love,


The “Bloody Masacre”

October 24, 2007

The Boston Massacre was an awakening for us and our rebellion. We are those people who want a peaceful life here in the colonies without taxes and government control. We want freedom. We want to fly like the birds, graceful and peaceful. We can’t be free if we have obstacles guarding our way. The main and only obstacle in our way is the English government. They might be big, wealthy, and powerful but we are all those things to, in our hearts. Events such as the Boston Massacre has shone us what we have to do and why we have to do it. On March 5, 1770, one British soldier began fighting with a colonist. A crowd of colonists came and surrounded the soldier while throwing snowballs and shouting insults at him. A group of troops came to King – Street, the place the commotion was taking place, and shot into the crowd killing many of our colonists. This was known as the Boston Massacre or the “Bloody Massacre” as I call it. We felt rage flowing over us. We had vengeance in our hearts. The British repealed some of the Townshend Acts, hoping to stop us from revolting. That was exactly what we had in mind.